Pythonaro LAB
A few random projects and scripts, usually based on Python or Greasemonkey.
jEdit Macro - Add Encoding Declarations to Buffers
jEdit macro to add a PEP263-compliant string at the top of all open buffers.
KDelicious 3.2 integration for Konqueror 3.5.
GrEstimator Web Service
An interactive service to estimate the value of your Goodreads bookshelf
GenBooks 1.0
A little script to create an html page from a Goodreads shelf.
Amazon to Goodreads
A greasemonkey script to add a link on Amazon item pages to "see reviews on Goodreads". See this page for details.
Goodreads Collapse Folders
A greasemonkey script to collapse folders on Goodreads' group pages. See this page for details.
Goodreads Exploder
A greasemonkey script to "open all books in tabs" on Goodreads shelves. See this page for details.
Django 1.1 documentation in CHM format (Windows Help)
I compiled the official documentation for django in CHM ("Windows Help") format. I'll try to update it with any new official release